Scaffolding Braces

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  • Diagonal Face Bracing : All scaffolds require a certain amount of diagonal bracing to eliminate aany tendency for the scaffold to distort or sway. For a scaffold more than 10 meters (4 Bays of 2.5m) long. A minimum of 2 bays should be face braced. Bracing of the end bays should be avoided if possible. Face Bracing is required over a full height for one bay in every four.
  • Tying In : Every Scaffold must be tied to the Permanent structure. Members used for connecting of scaffold to a building are called 'ties: Ties can be taken through window openings or damped to columns. Where these openings are not available then anchor fasteners are used.
  • Level of Tying : 3 to 4 times width of scaffold (tying should be done in staggered arrangements.